History occurs in cycles. The moral standards of society gradually erode, and evil become rampant. Then God sends a major revival, masses of people come to Christ, the moral temperature of society is raised, evil is diminished, and we are okay for a while.

So how do we know that revival or awakening won’t sweep over society again in the near future?

God sometimes speaks to me in the night just as I am waking up when I am in that foggy state between sleep and being awake. What He speaks to me then, I have not had time to think through or digest. When He speaks to me at this specific time, I will not be tempted to rationalize it away, and say, “Oh, I think that was just me. I must have eaten too much pizza last night.”

About three years ago, around 4 a.m. in the morning, He said, “You are standing on the edge of the greatest awakening the world has ever seen.”

Do I think there is a great awakening coming? Yes! Absolutely!

That is precisely why I think America will recover fully and be better than ever. God is going to clean house; the moral population of the country will get so sick of Marxist policies they will rise up and get rid of the Marxists.

When The Tide Turns

In ancient Judah, the king Manasseh reigned for 57 years. He was the most wicked king in Israel’s history by far. Witchcraft and sexual debauchery were elevated to the point that the whole communities were engaged in sexual orgies. Solomon’s temple was filled with idols and swarmed with magicians and prostitutes.(1)

Just like Solomon’s temple, our White House, the seat of our government has been defiled. A company of drag queens were invited to the White House where they performed while young children were present. Later a transsexual exposed his breasts at a function in the rose garden.

How could this be happening in America? What is happening here? it seems the appetite for evil cannot be quenched once it is let loose.

The wickedness of Judah under Manasseh’s reign was worse than the pagan nations around Judah that God destroyed. When Manasseh died, the people hoped things would get better but they didn’t. His son, Amon, was put on the throne and he continued in his father’s footsteps. The evil continued.

Ah, but here’s the key. In Eugene H. Peterson’s narrative, he writes, “But the people had their stomachs full. They had reached the breaking point and could take no more.” (2)

This is where we are in America. We’ve had enough evil. We can no longer tolerate our government leaders in effect calling good evil and evil good. (3) We’ve had enough. There is a groundswell, a cry from the grass roots of America that says, “Enough!”

The Breaking Point

History in about to turn another cycle in America. We are sick and tired of evil. We’ve had enough. When Amon’s son, Josiah took the throne at the age of eight, he led the nation back to righteousness. An old dusty book was found in the temple, God’s word, the book of Deuteronomy. When it was read to the king, he used it as his manual, his playbook to sweep evil from the nation and install the principles of righteousness and good. Judah was transformed. (4)

Will America return to righteousness?

It depends on you and me and every other American who is on the side of righteousness.

Will we do our part?

Will we go to prayer for the nation?

Will we speak out against evil?

Will we be counted as those who take up the battle against evil Marxism?

The Marxists are not going to go easily. There may be a knock down drag out fight between the Marxists and the moralists that could last for decades. That’s why we need to continue praying and doing warfare in the Spirit until we win.


(1) Eugen H. Peterson, Run With The Horses (Downers Grove, IL: Inter Varsity Press), 59.

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(3) Isaiah 5:20

(4) Eugene H. Peterson, Run With The Horses (Downers Grove, IL: Inter Varsity Press), 61-62.

An Update On Our Ministry


This article is an excerpt from my new book, Is This The End . . . Or Just The Beginning. It is currently at the printer and must be paid for before the print run. Challenges! They are always before us!

We have been calling on schools to book assemblies. The Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig school in Bena, Minnesota is having us back for the fourth time on November 2. Another school contacted us this week about a date for their assembly. Others have expressed enthusiastic interest. They will require follow-up meetings.

Why do we do school assemblies? Because we can. The young people of our nation need all the positive messaging we can give them. This is one of the most rewarding things we do in the ministry, because we can witness first-hand the response of the students to Jesse’s message. Lives are changed. Of that, there is no doubt.

In the last four weeks or so, we have been posting an article on our website every week. During that time visits to the site have increased by about 40 percent. There are a lot of new visitors from all over the nation and some from communist countries.

Tree removal jobs have paused for a few weeks, but we have two or three coming up in the next several weeks.

Lorraine has worked very hard trying to sell things on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace and A Farm Girl’s Barntique. Her sales have dropped at least in half or more due to inflation.

She has looked at doing craft shows but the spaces can run anywhere from $40.00 to $200.00. If there is any travel involved to go to these locations then it is no longer worth considering such a venture due to the expense.

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