History of Ministry

George Halama began full time ministry in 1994, called to the youth of America. The ministry was named Rise Up America in 2002 and has operated as such up to the present. The main activity of the ministry has been outreach events to youth, where the Gospel is preached and an invitation to receive Christ as Savior is given. Preceding the event, character-based speakers are placed in school assemblies. During a five year period beginning in the year 2000, our school assemblies and big outreach events reached a total audience of about 40,000 people, mainly youth. Beginning in 2015 the focus of the ministry shifted to educating the church of America as to the spiritual condition of youth, through teaching, speaking, and printed materials. America’s current crisis is to see our youth generation turn back to God.

George and Lorraine were married in September of 2015 and work side by side, full-time, to see America’s youth return to God. Their ministry is not limited to educating Christians on how to reach youth, but to the reaching of all unchurched people. 

George Halama

Lorraine Halama

Our Focus as a Couple

Through prayer, living by faith, and the study of the word, we endeavor to walk in the revelation of who God is.