“Then God Remembered Noah”

Genesis 8:1

Powerful words that will reach into your soul, but I don’t think God really forgot about Noah.

Noah who was obedient.

Noah who built an arc that was about 510 ft long.

Noah who took care of God’s animals.

Noah who was surrendered to the will of God.

But God understands that a man can only endure so much and a man made arc can only endure so much.

“Then” I believe refers to God’s mercy on Noah. “Then” refers to the love that God had for Noah. “Then” enough was enough.

This is an encouraging thought. If God remembered Noah, He surely can remember you.

What is happening in your life that you need a “Then”?

It can be your prayer. “Lord, remember me as you have remembered Noah in Jesus’ name. Amen”

“Then” Expect to see a move of God.

Photo taken by Lorraine